As a prequel to the festivities at Malvern Depot celebrating 100 years of operation of Malvern Depot, 44 and 84 were transferred from Preston Workshops to Malvern Depot. Click on the link for a photo essay of my record of the trip from Northcote to Kooyong.

The path taken by the trams: departed from Preston Workshops, over the hump to High Street, reversed in Plenty Road, then to city via route 86 - High Street, Queens Parade, Smith Street, Gertrude Street, Nicholson Street into Spring Street.

The trams then continued along Spring Street, crossing Bourke and Collins Streets before turning into Wellington Parade on the north to east curves emplaced for the altered route 48. The cavalcade then travelled along Wellington Parade, Bridge Road, Burwood Road, thence into Power Street and Riversdale Road.

At Riversdale Road, the trams turned into Glenferrie Road, crossed the Rail Square at Kooyong before travelling all the way to Dandenong Road, reversed and returned along Glenferrie Road to the Depot.

This photo essay covers the trip from Northcote to the Kooyong Rail Square. Unfortunately, at that point I had become quite ill and I retired home to bed - the day was thus over for me.

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44 High Street
84 High Street
44 at Gertrude and Nicholson Streets
44 Derailing
84, 2124 Gertrude Street at Nicholson
44 961 Nicholson Street
44 passes Windsor Hotel
84 passes Windsor Hotel
44, 84 Bridge Road at Church Street
44 Bridge Road at Church Street
44 Bridge Road
84, 3032 Bridge Road
84 Bridge Road
44 Burwood Road and Power Street
84 Burwood Road at Power Street
44 Kooyong Rail Square
84 Kooyong Rail Square

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