One day on Hong Kong Island - 09 June 1989.   I was one of the organisers for a conference in Hong Kong (Holiday Inn Golden Mile as I recall). 

Once preparations were complete, I had a few hours free to nip over to Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui and photograph some of the iconic double-decker trams that run through the business district.  Most photos were taken around Central.

Images are scanned from Fujichrome 100ASA slide film using a Nikon LS-5000 scanner.  Camera: Nikon F801.

Images are generally 1600x900 pixels.

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119 Hong Kong
132, 97 Hong Kong
43 Hong Kong
128, 122 Hong Kong
52, 111 in Hong Kong
41, 115 Hong Kong
115, 89 Hong Kong
89, 27 in Hong Kong

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