In January 2015, I spent a week in San Francisco on my way to a conference in Orlando, Florida. I was generally blesssed with clear werather and lots of time to ride San Francisco's tram and LRV offerings.  We also took a day to visit the Western Railway Museum near Fairfield, CA; you will find a separate sub-album here.

In July 2015, my son Christopher spent three weeks in San Francisco.

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Western Railway Museum

Western Railway Museum


A visit to the Western Railway Museum ...

1856 Fisherman's Wharf
1015 1062 Jones Street
1070 Jones Street
1050 Jefferson Street
16 Washington Street
56 California Street San Francisco
1487 West Portal
1011 Market Street
8604 Muni Bus Embarcadero
1070 Embarcadero
1070 Beach Street
49 California Street
1895 ex-Milan Market Street