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B2.2006 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #5/8

B2.2006 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #5/8

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B2.2006 inbound on route 1 service at Montague Street about to turn into Park Street, Albert Park (5th art tram released to traffic)

About the Artist: Lesley Dumbrell is recognised as a pioneer of the Australian women's art movement of the 1970s. Her original tram design, painted in 1986 was inspired by a trip to Italy where Dumbrell was drawn by the colour, costumes and music of a festival. For over 40 years Dumbrell has been refining her technique of geometric abstract painting, injecting colour, light and emotion into an often precise painting style associated with the Colour Field Painters of the 1960s.

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