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E2.6055 & E2.6059 Clarendon Street

E2.6055 & E2.6059 Clarendon Street

Album 2020

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15-Auig-2020: Escaped for my one hour of freedom walks this weekend.  Saturday afternoon was bright and sunny and I headed off to Clarendon Junction.

Caught E2.6055 and E2.6059 in Clarendon Street.
Two things:
1. normally I'd reject a photobombed image, but the Deliveroo motorcycle is a sign of the times as one of the only vehicles on the road during lockdown;

2. even though I'm shooting against the sun (albeit in shade), sunlight reflecting off the blue glass of a high rise hotel behind me lights what would otherwise have been a dark shaded foreground area (note the shadow thrown by the motorbike is pointing the wrong way if it were lit by sunshine).