Very much in its infancy (I hesitate to use the term "Under Construction"), this album is currently a miscellany of photos I've taken both on my overseas trips and within Australia.

You can view the full-size images (generally 1600 pixels wide) by clicking on the album image.

A (hotel) Room With A View
1116 AD Bridge Hasankeyf
Cappadocia, Turkey
Melbourne (from high rise in Lorimer Street)
Melbourne (from high rise in Lorimer Street)
Tamar River, near Launceston
Vizcaya, Miami FL USA
Anhinga Trail Alligators
Torii Gate, Kyoto, Japan
Miyajima Island, Japan
Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko
Hakone, Japan
Kumamoto castle, Japan
Hakone, Japan
Crescent Moon Theatre, Kanab, UT
Las Vegas Strip From The Air
Monument Valley (the iconic view)
Illiterate Squirrel, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Hoover Dam, NV/AZ

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