Welcome to steam4me!

The steam4me site was created on Railpage in 1996. Starting as a site featuring timetables of steam specials, it grew with images and text on the then current rail scene, with much coverage to the return to service of R711. I still have those pages (somewhere) and need to update them with rescanned images - 640x480 pixels were all the go in 1998.

When Microsoft Train Simulator was released in mid-2001, I started to take an interest and started the MSTS section of the site to support Australian content providers. As the interest in MSTS grew, I found that I had less time to maintain other sections of the site and they did languish. In late 2001, in the wake of "9/11" I was "told" to stop publishing timetables of steam specials and in fact timetables of any special workings, due to "heightened security concerns" or some such bulls**t. However, it was also put to me that persons within the industry supplying timetable information to me would be subject to discliplinary action. As a result, I put most/all of my online effort into MSTS.

The site was originally and very generously hosted by Railpage, but administrative changes within the company controlling the Railpage servers caused the steam4me site to drop "offline". In March 2010, I set up this site under my own control so that a repeat of my site being "held to ransom" would not ever occur again.

Since March 2010, the MSTS section of the site has been returned and most models and routes are again available. James Brook, whose models also were hosted by Railpage, generously sent me all his models to be included with other models on this site, thus ensuring his quality work would continue to be enjoyed by MSTS enthusiasts around the world.

Brian Bere-Streeter, another fine constructor of MSTS models then also took some space on the site and hosts his own fine models here: visit http://shortnorth.steam4me.net to see his progress.

Quite a few years ago, I scanned the complete "VR Telegraph Codes Book" and placed them on Railpage. When the railpage servers were "AMEX"ed (look it up), that page vanished along with everything else. Fortunately, I've found the images on a backup CD and the Code book now resides here on my own site.

Wayne Campbell constructed a magnificently detailed short-line route, the London and Port Stanley for MSTS. When his site lost its hosting, I was able to offer Wayne a new home for his site offering information about his superb route. Visit http://lnps.msts.steam4me.net for more information about the L & PS.